Camp Fire Recovery

Camp Fire Recovery: Air Quality-Related Information

For more information about the debris removal process, contact the Debris Removal Operations Center at (530) 399-0434 or visit

To monitor and reduce any impacts to the community during cleanup efforts, the Government-Sponsored Debris Removal Program is monitoring air quality at several areas around Paradise and Oroville. Current air quality and results from heavy metal and asbestos sampling will be posted at as they are received (you will need to zoom in on a site location and click on the site to see the data). Consolidated reports are posted on this page (see below) as they are received. Please note that locations are still being evaluated and will be updated throughout the cleanup effort. Monitoring locations may also be temporarily offline due to maintenance or operations. For more information, see the Press Release from Cal-OES.

In addition to the Debris Removal Program air monitoring page, data from permanent and portable particulate monitors operated by the California Air Resources Board and Butte County AQMD is available on the Airfire page (see the Airfire website). Unofficial “Purple Air” particulate sensors are also deployed in several areas around Butte County (see the Purple Air website).

BCAQMD permitting and portable equipment guidance for re-building in the Camp Fire area.

BCAQMD guidance for residents, contractors and others performing digging, grading and excavation activities in areas that are known to have or are suspected of having Naturally Occurring Asbestos (NOA) in the soils or underlaying rock.

Debris Removal Program Air Quality Monitoring and Sampling Reports
June 10, 2019 through July 12, 2019 Consolidated Air Quality Report

May 15, 2019 through June 26, 2019 Consolidated Air Quality Report

May 1, 2019 through May 15, 2019 Consolidated Air Quality Report

April 19, 2019 through April 30, 2019 Consolidated Air Quality Report

March 18, 2019 through April 18 2019 Consolidated Air Quality Report


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