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Burn Permit Fees Effective July 1, 2017

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In addition to a fire agency-issued burn permit, a District Burn Permit is required for burning agricultural waste; land clearing waste; or levee, ditch, timber harvesting operations, prescribed burning, and right-of-way clearing waste.  Please contact the District if you have any questions regarding burning requirements.

For all agricultural burning: You must contact the District to determine if it is a burn day. Call the agricultural burn line at (530) 332-9406 or toll free @ 1-855-332-9406 and leave a message with the following information:
•    Valid burn permit number
•    What you plan to burn (crop)
•    How many acres you plan to burn
•    Location of where you plan to burn
•    Phone number where you can be reached

Burning is allowed only on Permissive Burn Days, when forecasted weather conditions create enough air movement to permit good smoke dispersal. Burning is also restricted to certain times of the day. All burn permit holders must comply with local fire protection agency permit requirements.

If you have further questions about fire agency open burning requirements, contact your local fire department.

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