Outdoor Residential Burning

one acre

Location Current open burning requirements if it is a Permissive Burn Day
Within Chico city limits
  • Burning is always prohibited, regardless of lot size.
Unincorporated areas within Chico Sphere of Influence
  • Burning is only allowed on lots greater than 0.9 acres in size within the Chico Sphere of Influence (see map).
  • Burn hours are 6am – 11am.
Town of Paradise
  • Burning in Paradise will be suspended effective June 1st.
  • Burn hours and other requirements, including burn hours, are as stated on the Paradise Fire burn permit.
  • For more information, call Paradise Fire  at 872-6264.
Magalia / Upper Ridge
(January through June)
  • Burning is allowed on lots greater than 1 acre in size.
  • Burning on lots less than 1 acre in size shall only be conducted north of Wycliff Way/Perry Road the 1st through the 15th of each month and south of Wycliff Way/Perry Road the 16th through the end of the month (see map).
  • Burn hours are 6am – 11am.
Within Oroville city limits
  • Burn permit required from the local Fire Department.
  • Burn hours are as stated on the Fire Department issued Burn Permit.
Within Biggs & Gridley city limits
  • Burn permit required from the local Fire Department.
  • Burn hours are as stated on the Fire Department issued Burn Permit.
All other areas of Butte County
  • Burn hours are 6am – 11am.

General Requirements for All Residential and Fire Hazard Reduction Burning

Picture1Picture2no burn barrel

  • Before burning in Butte County, you MUST check the burn day status on the day that you are burning by calling 530-332-9407 (toll free: 855-332-9407) or by going to www.bcaqmd.org.
  • Burn hours apply in all areas of Butte County. See the table above for specific areas.
  • Burn barrels are illegal. Exemptions apply to specific areas; contact the air district for more information.
  • Only natural vegetation grown on the property can be burned.
  • Vegetation must be dry and free of dirt.
  • After pruning/cutting, allow vegetation to dry for at least 15 days if under 6 inches in diameter, 30 days if over 6 inches in diameter.
  • It is illegal to burn any non-vegetative material, including, but not limited to garbage, paper, cardboard, any dimensional lumber, tires, construction materials, plastic, rubber, paint, bedding or furniture.
  • Do not burn when your smoke will impact others: you are responsible for your smoke’s impact.
  • Some fire jurisdictions require burn permits (see above). Follow the requirements on your fire agency issued burn permit.
  • The Fire Hazard Reduction Burning Fact Sheet contains information about regulations on open burning conducted at multi-unit dwellings, by commercial entities, and on lots of one acre or greater in size.

Please burn safely!

  • Provide a 10’ area free of flammable materials and vegetation around all burn piles.
  • Have a water source available and an adult in attendance.
  • Pay attention to weather conditions and forecasts.
  • Do not burn on windy days (generally when winds exceed 10mph).
  • Do not leave smoldering fires unattended.
  • Make sure that the fire is dead out when the control burn is completed.
  • More info on preventing wildfires here.
  • More information at Cal-FIRE:  Debris Burning/Burning Permit Requirements (when permits are required) and How to Safely Burn Landscape Debris

Additional Requirements for Burning on Lots Less Than One Acre In Size

  • All open burn piles must be located more than 25 feet from any neighbor’s occupied dwelling.
  • The pile size may not exceed 4 feet in diameter. All areas within 10 feet of the burn pile must be clear of vegetation and flammable material.
  • A responsible adult must be in attendance and water must be available until the burn pile is completely extinguished.
  • Burning poison oak is prohibited.
  • The Residential Open Burning Fact Sheet contains information about regulations on residential open burning on lots less than one acre in size.

Alternatives to Burning

Free Chipper Program: The Butte County Fire Safe Council has a free chipping program for Butte County Residents.  For information, please call the Fire Safe Council at 877-0984. You can sign up for the program online here: Chipper Program. The Butte County Fire Safe Council is also offering a Residents Assistance Program in preparation for Fire Season.

Waste Management:  Information Online    or    Call (530) 893-4777
Recology:  Information Online    or    Call (530) 533-5868
Northern Recycling and Waste Services: Information Online    or   Call (530) 876-3340

Backyard Composting: Recycle Butte has a Composting Guide along with information on recycling and disposal of many types of materials and waste.

A note from the EPA on backyard recreational fires:

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