Conditional Rice Straw Burn Permit

December 1, 2023: Please note that the fall intensive burn period has ended which means that for the rest of the season, the District will no longer be calling out burn acres off of the ready to burn list.  If you have dry fields (please be able to verify with a crackle test), contact the on duty inspector each morning to request authorization to burn (call the agricultural burn line, 530-332-9406, which will provide the extension of the on duty inspector).  The ready list is used to prioritize burning if demand for burning each day exceeds available acres.  To verify that your registered fields were reported as harvested and/or to check their list position, click here: by list number or by grower.  If you have asked to have your fields held temporarily and want to lift the hold or do not see your harvested fields listed for any other reason, please contact the District office immediately so we can resolve the issue.

Information and Forms for the 2023-2024 season:

The District mailed registration packets to former participants in the rice straw burn permit registration program the week of July 24, 2023.  Registration documentation and fees are requested to be returned prior to harvest so there are no delays in reporting fields as harvested; without a valid rice burn permit, you cannot report your fields for the ready to burn list.  Please mail completed forms to the District or email them to  If you prefer to drop off the forms, we have counter hours Tuesday through Friday, 7:30am-noon.  If you need staff to accept forms and process payment at another time, please call the office at 530-332-9400 and we will be happy to accommodate you.  If you need an appointment to go over your planted rice fields or require additional help, please contact Ursula Parker at extension 104 or Laurie LaGrone at extension 105.

Informational Sheet provides information regarding burn permit registration and regulations regarding swapping fields/modifying a permit.

2023 Conditional Rice Straw Burn Permit must be completed and provided to District either in person or via mail along with $90 fee and Rice Burn Data Sheets.  Contact the District for copies of Rice Burn Data Sheets (these are grower/farm-specific).

Field Crop Registration Form must be completed if last year’s Rice Burn Data sheet is not available or if adding fields.

Butte County Agricultural Burning Zone Map to be used if needed to indicate location of fields and to identify in which zone(s) fields are located.

Burn List Swap Procedures provides information regarding District policy/procedures regarding swaps.  This information is now also on the Rice Straw Burn Permit (page 2).

Air Quality Burn Permit must be completed for ditch/weed or other non-rice ag burning.

For more information regarding rice registration, contact Ursula Parker at (530) 332-9400, extension 104.

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