Conditional Rice Straw Burn Permit

Please Note:  As of December 1, 2022 and until September 2023, all growers wishing to burn dry fields during this time must contact the District to be considered for allocation prioritization.  Unlike the process during the “Fall Intensive Burn” season, rice burn acres are NOT being called out each day.  Daily acreage allocations are given on a first come first served basis to growers who have contacted the District to report dry rice fields they still wish to burn under their Conditional Rice Straw Burning Permit.   Each day, if requests for burn authorizations exceed the daily acreage allocation, the Ready-to-Burn list (located here: by list number and by grower) will be used to prioritize burn authorizations based on list position for that day.   Upon request of the inspector, the rice straw to be burned must pass the crackle test to be eligible for burn authorization.

Information and Forms for the 2022-2023 season:

Informational Sheet provides information regarding burn permit registration and regulations regarding swapping fields/modifying a permit.

2022 Conditional Rice Straw Burn Permit must be completed and provided to District either in person or via mail along with $90 fee and Rice Burn Data Sheets.  Contact the District for copies of Rice Burn Data Sheets (these are grower/farm-specific).

Field Crop Registration Form must be completed if last year’s Rice Burn Data sheet is not available or if adding fields.

Butte County Agricultural Burning Zone Map to be used if needed to indicate location of fields and to identify in which zone(s) fields are located.

Burn List Swap Procedures provides information regarding District policy/procedures regarding swaps.  This information is now also on the Rice Straw Burn Permit (page 2).

Air Quality Burn Permit must be completed for ditch/weed or other non-rice ag burning.

For more information regarding rice registration, contact Ursula Parker at (530) 332-9400, extension 104.

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