General FAQs

Q: Why is the air so smoky?

A: The air is often smoky because of several factors: smoke from wood stove and fireplaces, agricultural burning, residential outdoor burning and pollution transported from Sacramento and the Bay Area. Some years, as in 2008, wildfires have severely impacted air quality.

Q: What types of air pollution should I be most concerned about?

A: Particulate Matter (PM) and Ozone levels are of highest concern in our county.

Q: How do I know if my business requires an air quality permit?

A: If your business emits air pollutants, such as dust, the District requires an air quality permit. For more information, check out the Business Permits/Registration part of our website.

Q: I have mold in my home, what should I do?

A: Unfortunately, the District cannot help you in this situation. You must hire a consultant to test the mold. If you are a tenant, you can talk to your landlord about procedures.

Q: How do I request information from the District? How long does it take to get the information?

A: Fill out a Public Information Request form, found on our website under Forms/Applications, and either mail, FAX, or bring the completed form to our District office. The District is required to respond within 10 days of the request.

Q: How can I get rid of my yard waste if burning isn’t an option?

A: Check with Recycle Butte for information on green waste disposal, hazardous waste, and curbside programs.

Q: Can I get a copy of my invoice?

A: Yes, either: call, e-mail, or stop by the District office and we will happily print out a copy of the invoice.

Q: When are your Board meetings?

A: Board meetings are held each 4th thursday of the month, usually at the Chico City Council Chamber.

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