Gas Stations and Vapor Recovery

Compliance Advisories

Non-Retail Aboveground Storage Tanks – Effective January 1, 2023

Authority to Construct Permits – Effective January 1, 2022

Vapor Recovery Testing Policies and Procedures – Effective January 1, 2022

Do I need a permit?

All gasoline dispensing facilities (GDFs) in Butte County, both retail and non-retail, are required to have a Permit to Operate for their Phase I and Phase II vapor recovery systems. The Permit to Operate outlines operating, source testing, maintenance, and recordkeeping requirements. If you are a new facility and would like to apply for a permit, an Authority to Construct application form must be completed and returned to the District. Authority to Construct application forms can be found here.  If you have any further questions about the application process or permit requirements, contact Dave Campbell at (530) 332-9400 ext. 102.

Source testing

The majority of retail and non-retail GDFs require vapor recovery source testing on an annual basis. The source testing must be completed 90 prior to the expiration date of the permit. The District shall be notified at least ten (10) days prior to the source test date(s) so that District personnel can witness the tests, and the results shall be provided to the District office within 14 days of completion. The permit holder is responsible for source test scheduling. If you have questions regarding source test requirements and scheduling, contact Dave Campbell at (530) 332-9400 ext. 102.

Planning to make equipment changes?

All major equipment modifications at existing GDFs must be completed under an Authority to Construct permit. Authority to Construct permits can be found here and must be completed and approved before modifications begin. Also, start-up testing is required within 30 days of the completed equipment installation. If you have any further questions regarding Authority to Construct requirements or the application process, contact Patrick Lucey at (530) 332-9400 ext. 107.

Station Inspection & Maintenance Logs

Phase I & Phase II Daily Inspection Form

Above Storage Tank Daily Inspection Form

Maintenance & Repair Log

ISD Alarm Log

District Rules and Requirements

All District rules regarding gasoline dispensing facilities are located below.

Rule 220: Hold-Open Latch Requirement For Retail Service Stations

Rule 221: Phase I Vapor Recovery Requirements

Rule 222: Phase II Vapor Recovery Requirements

Rule 223: Delivery Vessels Equipped With Vapor Recovery

Rule 224: Delivery Vessels Not Equipped With Vapor Recovery

Rule 225: Vapor Collection And Disposal System At Loading Facilities

Rule 226: Storage of Gasoline Products At Bulk Facilities

Rule 227: Vapor Recovery Requirements At Bulk Gasoline Facilities

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