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This Page is under development along with an updated CEQA Air Quality Handbook.

Links to tools and guidance documents:

2024 CEQA Air Quality Handbook (BCAQMD)

Butte County Air Quality Management District handbook to provide guidance to local land use planners in identifying significant air quality impacts of a project.  More arrows.gif

ADAM Air Quality Data Statistics

ADAM Air Quality Data Statistics all user to select and view air quality data for various pollutants throughout the State, including trend summaries, days above the standard, daily stats, 24-hour stats, etc.

ARB Air Quality and Land Use Handbook

ARB’s Air Quality and Land Use Handbook: As part of the Air Resources Board’s (ARB) Community Health Program, they have developed an Air Quality and Land Use Handbook (Handbook) which is intended to serve as a general reference guide for evaluating and reducing air pollution impacts associated with new projects that go through the land use decision-making process. More arrows.gif

California Air Pollution Control Officers Association (CAPCOA)

Under Development

CalEEMod Model

The California Emission Estimator Model (CalEEMod) is the emissions estimation model the District recommends using for land use projects. The model is free and available for download from the link below. The most recent version of the model should be used.

Roadway Protocol

Guidance to land use planners on how to assess and disclose potential cancer risk of sensitive receptors exposed to diesel particulate matter from major roadways. More arrows.gif

Links to Planning Documents:

CAPCOA released California’s Progress Toward Clean Air (April 2015), the annual collaborative state of the air report.  The full report is available on CAPCOA’s website.

Clean Air Plan  The 2021 Triennial Air Quality Attainment Plan was created by the air districts within the Northern Sacramento Valley. The purpose of the plan is to achieve and maintain healthy air quality throughout the northern air basin. The plan addresses the progress made in implementing the original plan submitted to the California Air Resources Board in 1991 and has been updated every three years, most recently in 2021, and approved by the District Governing Board in April 2022.  The plan includes the proposed control strategies necessary to attain the California ozone standard at the earliest practicable date.

Siting Guidance  In 2012, CARB staff prepared a document entitled “Status of Research on Potential Mitigation Concepts to Reduce Exposure to Nearby Traffic Pollution“. It provides information on scientific research that has been conducted on various building-related  and site mitigation concepts suggested as potentially effective approaches for reducing traffic-related pollution exposure to those living near high traffic roadways. This paper is not intended as guidance for any specific project and does not provide a methodology for determining appropriate mitigation measures for purposes of compliance with CEQA, however it does provide useful information that could be considered when evaluating potential mitigation approaches.

National Association of Clean Air Agencies July 2011 – Primer on Climate Science Change  – This brochure provides a summary of the most important information on climate change science in one document.

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