Stationary Sources

Links to application forms are listed below.

Please use the Standard Permit Application Form below for “Authority to Construct,” “Permit to Operate,” and “Transfer of Ownership” applications. You may access federal permitting forms (Prevention of Significant Deterioration or Title V) by following this link.

You may either download, print, complete forms and mail to the address below with the required application payment or submit the forms electronically. All forms require an electronic or scanned signature. For online payments, see Online Payment link.

Mail to:
Butte County Air Quality Management District
629 Entler Avenue, Suite 15
Chico, CA 95928

200 Standard Permit Application Form Instructions

Supplemental “Authority to Construct” Forms: Choose appropriate equipment below

201 General Supplemental Info 226 Dry Cleaning
206 Public Notification (HSC) 227 Phase I & II Vapor Recovery – Gasoline Storage Tank
213 Abrasive Blasting (Confined) 230 Grain Processing 
215 Aggregate Processing Plant 231 Afterburner/Vapor Incinerator
216 Sweating Furnace 232 Crematory
217 Asphalt Concrete Production 233 Incinerator 
218 Baghouse 234 Internal Combustion Engines
219 Boilers & Liquid Heaters  236 Nut Processing
220 Carbon Adsorption Unit 237 Ovens
221 Spray Paint Booth 239 Soil Vapor Extraction/Air Stripping Systems 
223 Cyclones
224 Degreaser & Dip Tank
225 Dehydrators 

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