Special Grants

Funding is made available for Special Grants through the District budget process or through State or federal grants.

Current Grant Programs:

Take Care of Our Air at our Schools! 4th-12th Grade Grant Opportunity – teachers can apply for $275 grants to conduct environmental service projects with their students in one of two areas: Save Energy (How can we reduce energy use at schools?) Cut Traffic and Pollution (What can we do to cut the traffic in and out of school parking lots?).

Need help coming up with a project Idea? Please contact Jason Mandly, Associate Air Quality Planner, 332-9400 x108.

Previous Special Grant Programs Funded:

Wood Stove Replacement Program

Find out more about the Wood Burning Device Change Out Program here. Request notification when the program begins by filling out the info form on our Contact Us page.  Vouchers are issued for each non-EPA certified wood stove or heating device replaced by an EPA Phase II certified wood stove, pellet, or gas stove.  This incentive program applies to wood burning stoves changed out only while funding is available.  The District will issue rebate vouchers only for the amount of funds available.

Special Road Funds

Uncontrolled dust emissions arising from unpaved roads in Butte County significantly contribute to atmospheric concentrations of total, suspended, and fine particulate matter.  Specifically, roadway fugitive dust emissions contribute to potential exceedance’s of the State and federal health-based Ambient Air Quality Standards (AAQS) for particulate matter below the 10-micron size range, (PM-10).  Among the potential results from violations of the AAQS in Butte County are increased risk to public health, damage to crops and agriculture, and requirements for the Butte County Air Quality Management District (AQMD) to adopt and enforce new control requirements on stationary sources of emissions.  The AQMD has both a statutory and public policy desire to minimize fugitive dust emissions, including those arising from unpaved roads.  Toward this goal, the AQMD seeks to fund, from available Special Road Program funds, the paving of selected roads in Butte County, which are determined by the AQMD to be potentially significant sources of fugitive dust air pollution. Currently there are no Special Road Funds in the current or proposed budget. This website will be updated if funds become available.

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